Back From The Edge
Author, Meg Carbonatto

Author, Meg Carbonatto


About the book

Back from the Edge is a riveting collection of 15 stories from people who have faced life threatening and life changing situations. Meg Carbonatto talks revealingly with men and women from New Zealand and Australia about what they've faced and, in some cases, are still facing - trials by fire and water, accident, illness, exile, displacement and death.

She gives an expert summary of what people did to reclaim their lives. These are gripping, heart-warming and inspiring tales of 'ordinary' people who have literally looked over the abyss but have been able to come back from the edge.

How would you cope if you lost your farm, your means of livelihood, and your wife within a short period of time? How might you find the moral and physical strength to stay alive in the ocean for four days without seeing any evidence of a search for you? How would you have managed when you and your family had lost everything in a bush fire?

Many people cannot imagine physically surviving such situations, let alone coming back psychologically as a result. Yet by analysing the strategies of those who have prevailed over tough times they show how we too can respond with resilience and optimism to both the major challenges and the everyday struggles in our lives.

About the author

Meg Davidson-Carbonatto PhD, has spent more than 12 years exploring what helps people to come back from the edge when coping with extreme personal situations. She received her academic training in the United States, and her counselling and psychotherapy training in New Zealand. She has co-authored several research projects, articles and a book on health promotion, and is also involved in training and consulting in communications and personal development areas.


True stories of New Zealanders and Australians who showed resilience in the face of considerable challenge. Offers guidance on how we can actively build those qualities and attributes for ourselves.